ISO 22343: The Latest Certification Standard for Physical Security

As of September 2023, with the publication of ISO 22343 by the British Standards Institution (BSI), both IWA 14 and PAS 68 were replaced. Here’s what it means for HVM testing and certification.

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ISO 22343

Download: Physical Security Standards E-Book (updated to include ISO 22343)

This guide has been written by our physical security experts to help you get a better understanding of the various security standards (including ISO 22343) and specifications that you will commonly come across.

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How to Install a Telescopic Bollard: Our Step-By-Step Video Guide

How do you install a telescopic bollard? Watch our video guide for advice and a step-by-step demonstration of a telescopic driveway bollard installation.

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What Does an ‘Insurance-Approved’ Bollard Actually Mean? – ATG’s Quick Buyer’s Guide

Insurance-approved bollards are some of the strongest non-impact-rated bollards available, ideal for light commercial and residential use. Here’s what makes them special.

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Insurance-approved bollards

Which Lightweight Bollards are Best?

With a wide range of lightweight bollards available and different choices suiting different needs, here’s an overview of our options.

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A residential street with cars parked on driveways

How to Maintain your Driveway Bollard

When you invest in a security bollard to keep your cars safe on your driveway or your home safe from thieves looking to break in to steal your car keys, you want to be sure that …

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