The Hidden Cost of Not Protecting Your Car

Car theft is on the rise; is getting insurance all you do to keep your car safe? Even with it, vehicle theft can have hidden costs – here’s what you can do about them.

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A criminal breaking into a car

Security In Depth: Vehicle Dynamic Assessments. Are They Worth the Investment?

Vehicle Dynamic Assessments are essential – so why do some organisations choose to forego them? We explore the importance and value of VDAs.

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A busy street with crowds of pedestrians

Security In Depth: How to Respond to the Vehicle as a Weapon Threat Using Temporary Security Schemes

Improve your VAW response with this best-practise guide to securing against Vehicle as a Weapon threats with temporary security solutions.

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A crowd at an outdoor concert

Five Ways to Protect Against Keyless Car Theft

Relay theft is on the rise, with keyless cars being twice as likely to be stolen than other models in 2022. Here’s how you can protect yours.

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A mercedes luxury car parked on a driveway

What is Hostile Vehicle Mitigation? The Definitive Guide

As defined by the ‘Centre of Protection of National Infrastructure’ (CPNI), Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) is a protective security discipline focussing on reducing risks associated with vehicle borne threats posed by terrorists and criminals. So what are these potential risks and what are the main types of vehicle borne attacks that need to be protected against?

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Security’s Role In The Future Of Our High Streets

Proportionate safety and security measures will play a vital role in the successful redevelopment of our high streets and city centres as they seek to reinvent themselves after the COVID pandemic.

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