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    Technical Specifications



    Height Above Ground


    Foundation Depth

    400mm approx

    Wall Thickness


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    The 139 1000 Fixed bollard provides commercial and industrial perimeters with a strong and elegant solution.

    • This fixed bollard makes for an ideal solution for demarcation, protecting against ram-raid attacks and preventing vehicles from mounting kerbs or paths where there are pedestrians.
    • The height & diameter of the fixed bollard coupled with two, yellow reflective bands creates increased visibility for larger vehicles such as vans or even HGV’s, clearly marking a restricted zone or area for drivers.
    • The construction of the bollard consists of a strong, mild steel bollard measuring 139 mm in diameter and 1,400 mm in length.
    • Available in either a galvanised mild-steel finish or mild-steel shot blasted and then powder coated to any standard RAL colour; wall thickness of both variants, 5 mm.
    • Alternatively, the post can be supplied in Grade 304 stainless steel. This finish consists of a 114 mm diameter inner bollard which is constructed from galvanised mild steel with a wall thickness of 5 mm; this core is then fitted with a stainless-steel outer with a 2 mm wall thickness.
    • For any stainless steel options please contact our sales team for a quote.
    • The 139 1000 Fixed Bollard has a major advantage in that the wall thickness makes it very strong. Much stronger than many bollards you’ll find which just have a 2-3 mm wall thickness and are very susceptible to denting and bending.
    • The bollard is root fixed and installation is very straightforward. If the security post is being installed within a particularly saline or marine environment, we would recommend using Grade 316 stainless steel.

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