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    Technical Specifications



    Wall Thickness


    Overall Width


    Height Above Ground


    Foundation Depth



    Galvanised, Stainless Steel. RAL Powder Coated.

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    Fixed Hoop Barriers provide a visual deterrent against ram-raid attacks, unauthorised vehicle access and provide demarcation of boundaries for sites with long perimeters.

    • Operating one of our removable hoop barriers is very straightforward. You simply unlock the barrier and either lift the barrier out completely or partially remove the barrier to allow the product to pivot open. To secure the hoop barrier again, you simply fit the bottom of the hoop back into the outer casing within the ground and lock it into position.
    • As well as being one of the most cost-effective ways to secure a complete perimeter, hoop barriers make an excellent deterrent to ram-raid attacks.
    • We offer a range of different finishes, from galvanised to stainless steel. If you need site-specific colour, don’t worry as we can powder coat our hoop barriers to any RAL colour you need.
    • Manufactured in the UK, this barrier has the ISO:9001 quality stamp so you can be sure you are buying a bollard that meets, rigorous British standards.

    Enquire about this product

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