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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    BSI PAS 68 V/7,500/48/90:0.3/0.0


    1,233 mm (Height of Beam); 2.4 m or 3 m (Height of Fence)

    Foundation Dimensions (Beam)

    Anchors: 2,800 x 1,400 x 500 | Line Posts: Surface Mounted

    Foundation Dimensions (Fence)

    Bolted to the ground utilising the beam for support.


    Minimum: 25 m | Maximum 25 m (Beam) | 2.75 m (palisade fencing) & 2.44 m (mesh fencing)

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    The StronGuard™ Beam combines an impact-tested Bristorm Beam with a Barkers Fencing StronGuard™ palisade fence or a SecureGuard SL2 mesh system.

    • This unique combination successfully arrested a 7,200 kg vehicle travelling at 80 kph (50mph) when subjected to an IWA 14 impact test. The system also provides physical protection against forced entry to LPCB, NPSA (formerly CPNI) or ASTM certification.
    • Designed to meet operational requirements by offering one combined fence line, which in turn provides a smaller footprint when you have restrictions with available space within your asset.
    • Steelwork, hot-dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461; strands zinc plated and HDPE coated as per EN 10264 2:2002 or EN 10255-2.
    • Thicker coatings and powder coatings are available on client request (Powder coatings to BS1722 Part 16).
    • StronGuard™ Beam is recommended for use on petrochemical installations, military sites, hazardous waste storage sites, test laboratories and data centres where space is at a premium, but maximum security is required.
    • Depending on your security requirement, the StronGuard™ Beam is compatible with a wide range of attack-tested fence systems including mesh, palisade, and ASTM-certified fence.
    • The system can be integrated with barbed wire, razor wire, an electrified fence and PID systems.
    • The combination of an impact-tested beam and a forced entry attack-tested fence provides the highest level of protection in one system for securing Critical National Infrastructure.

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    Enquire about this product

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