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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    BSI PAS 68: 2007 V/7500/32:0/0

    Minimum Array


    Foundation Depth

    450 mm

    Height Above Ground



    125 mm (Standard), 141 mm (Sleeved)


    A primed black manganese steel core fitted with a stainless-steel sleeve as standard. Other sleeves can be supplied on consultation with our technical team.

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    With a slimline form that hides its true power, the Excalibur Bollard is forged from manganese steel which is renowned for its high impact strength and resistance to abrasion.

    • The Excalibur bollard is available in two impact test certified models and can be supplied with either a 90mm or 125mm diameter.
    • The unique properties of the manganese steel used to cast the bollard, make the material ideal for designing and manufacturing high-security bollards.
    • The Excalibur’s slim profile gives it a lot of versatility when fitting into a scheme’s aesthetics. Both models are supplied as a manganese steel core with a stainless steel sleeve as standard. Bespoke sleeves are available on consultation with our technical team.
    • Not only is the Excalibur incredibly strong, but also requires a foundation depth of only 450mm to install, making it one of the shallowest bollards outside of our shallow mount range.

    125mm Variant

    • The Excalibur’s 125mm variant has also been tested to BSI PAS 68, though with a much larger vehicle, successfully halting a 7,500kg vehicle at 32kph (20mph), again achieving no impact penetration.
    • This model is ideal for protecting urban pedestrianised areas from vehicle attacks.
    • The 125mm model is also available as a removable bollard, allowing you the option of giving occasional access when needed.

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    Enquire about this product

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