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Technical Specifications

Control System

External hydraulic pump and PLC based software

Operating Times

2-8 seconds raise and lower depending on client operational requirements.

Foundation Depth


Height Above Ground



168mm (Stainless Steel Sleeve) | 200mm (Black PU Sleeve)

System Safety

Fully compliant with BS EN ISO 13849:2015, safety of machinery – CE Mark. Induction loops, proximity, and solid-state relay switches coupled with a traffic signal column.


Supplied either in black or stainless steel with two yellow reflective bands as standard. LED lights are also available to increase visibility if required.

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ATG Access has over 20 years of experience in delivering successful traffic management schemes across the world, becoming leaders in the field.

What started out as simplistic traffic management systems to provide priority access to buses and cyclists has now evolved to centre around public realm safety and security. Working on these projects we’ve learned a lot about what makes great traffic management solutions, and so we’ve made sure our VP Traffic System is one of the most versatile out there, giving you complete flexibility in how you want it to operate. Here are the fundamental components of a traffic management system:

  • Signage – Fundamental to creating a successful traffic management scheme. It is very important to inform vehicles that a bollard system is in operation. Safe and clear operating instructions are required for the system users and will avoid system misuse. It is also recommended that all traffic management bollards are covered by a CCTV system.
  • Control Cabinet & System – VP Traffic Bollard systems are operated using hydraulics to raise and lower the physical bollard and a PLC control board to manage system inputs and outputs. This allows any method of access control to be integrated with the system, whether it be a rolling pin-code, an activation card, or ANPR. Anything is possible. The PLC control board and hydraulic pump are stored in a secure roadside cabinet. Cabinets can be provided which are force tested to the LCPB, LPS 1175 standard if required.
  • Safety Loops – As standard, three sets of safety loops are supplied with VP Traffic Management Systems. More can be supplied if the application requires it. Safety loops detect the journey of a vehicle through a live system and will operate in sequence with the interacting vehicle. Once a vehicle is detected as having passed through a system successfully, only then will the bollard move into the raised position.
  • Bollard – Whether you opt for the impact-tested VP HD Bollard or the VP Traffic Bollard, both products are the same size (700mm above ground) and can be supplied in either stainless steel or a black-sleeved finish. Lights can be incorporated also in some instances but would need a consultation with our Engineering Team. The VP HD impact-tested solution can be retrofitted into historical VP Traffic foundations if this forms part of a refurbishment project.
  • Traffic Indicator Column – To be used in conjunction with safety signs and loops, traffic indicator columns are required as standard with automatic bollard systems with the option to include an audible warning. Indicator columns provide a clear signal to motorists when it is safe to proceed through the system and when they must wait – classic green and red indicator lamps provide this signal.


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