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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    Calculations Available

    Foundation Depth

    250mm deep slab

    Height Above Ground



    198mm (painted) / 219mm (sleeved)

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    The SP400 Suspended Slab Bollard is the first of its kind, being the only removable bollard to be installed and impact tested within a suspended slab.

    • Traditionally, suspended slab applications such as bridge decks, car park ramps or infrastructure over an underground tunnel such as London Underground Stations have proven a unique challenge for installing impact-tested bollards.
    • With our latest innovation, the historical concerns of damaging the integrity of a suspended slab structure and ultimately the surrounding integral infrastructure can be reassured.
    • Building on an extensive portfolio of impact-tested products, we conducted two developmental impact tests to certify the use of a removable bollard within a suspended slab foundation. The suspended slab had a thickness of 250 mm and the product was impacted by a 2,500 kg vehicle travelling at 48 kph (30mph).
    • After impact, the integrity of the suspended slab was completely retained and the removable bollard performed a dead-stop with zero meters of penetration recorded.
    • The tests provided us with a wealth of data, and the calculations gained can be used to design a security solution for your suspended slab application.
    • The SP400 bollard itself has a slim profile, giving it a sleek look and allowing it to be fitted with a flawless stainless steel sleeve.
    • It comes galvanised as standard to protect against corrosion and two reflective bands to help with visibility.

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    Enquire about this product

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