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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    BSI PAS 68: 2010 V/7500/80/90:4.0/33.5

    Security Rating

    ASTM: F2656-07 M50/P2

    Minimum Array




    Height Above Ground


    Foundation Depth

    1,682 mm (PAS68), 1,940 mm (ASTM)


    Galvanised finish only.

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    The Titan MK II Manually Retractable Bollard is a strong, economical and effective way of protecting your key access points.


    • With the Titan bollard, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are buying a proven high-security solution.
    • Tested to BSI PAS 68 the Titan MK II easily stopped a 7,500kg vehicle travelling at 80kph (50mph). This makes it an ideal solution for protecting sites from high-velocity attacks.
    • As a manually retractable bollard, the Titan MK II can be operated through the simple use of a hand-held battery drill or a manual hand crank.
    • The Titan is easy to operate, taking only 12 seconds to raise and lower the bollard, without the need for electricity or hydraulics.
    • As it isn’t dependent on electricity to power the bollard, the Titan MK II is the perfect perimeter protection solution for remote sites that have limited access to an electrical supply.
    • In addition, we estimate that you can save up to 50% with a manually retractable system over a completely automated one.
    •  All steel parts are hot-dip galvanized for corrosion protection, increasing the product’s life span and reliability.
    • The bollard comes galvanised as standard. Alternatively, we can provide a wide range of aesthetic sleeves (323mm diameter) to choose from, or a bespoke design if needed.

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    Enquire about this product

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