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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    IWA 14-1: V/7,200(N2A)/48/30:0.2

    Beam Width

    5,550 mm (approx.)

    Beam Profile Width


    Beam Height Above Ground


    Anchoring Bollard Height Above Ground


    Foundation Depth

    Anchoring bollard has a 40 mm depth

    Beam Expansion Capacity

    More than 230 mm


    Galvanised structure which can be clad and finished to a multitude of different aesthetics to suit the application. Historic / heritage designs can be accommodated if required; the slim profile of the beam (approx. 200mm) can easily accommodate bespoke aesthetics should they be required.

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    This physical security solution can be used to span across bridge expansion joints to ensure that security measures are consistent along the length of a bridge deck. It can also be used to span across other obstructions such as service chambers or manhole covers.


    • The Bridge Deck Expansion Beam was impact tested at the MIRA testing facility to the IWA 14-1 standard. Successfully arresting a 7,200kg vehicle travelling at 48 kph.
    • The test simulated a bridge attack where the angle of attack was 30º. The system performed incredibly well and achieved a minimal dynamic penetration of 0.2m.
    • The Bridge Deck Expansion Beam was fitted on two Populus Bridge Bollards, with unconnected foundations, simulating a wide double bridge expansion joint.
    • The structural foundation depth required for this system is only 40 mm, no other upstanding structure is required. The beam can be removed to allow for occasional vehicular access.
    • The Populus Bollard system onto which this beam is mounted requires no structural connection to the bridge deck and can articulate to accommodate for changes in the camber of the structure. A separate datasheet is available for this product.
    • The system can be clad to accommodate a wide range of aesthetic options including bespoke heritage design. ATG’s design and engineering team can work closely with client design and architectural teams to ensure that the appropriate aesthetic is achieved.
    • The system has been designed to ensure that there are no exposed cavities into which foreign objects may be placed. This is important when considering the overall security of the system.

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    Enquire about this product

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