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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    BSI PAS 68: V/7,500(N3)/80/90:3.6/7.9

    Security Rating

    ASTM: M50 P1

    Security Rating

    ASTM: M50 P2

    Minimum Array



    305mm (Standard), 323mm (Sleeved)

    Height Above Ground

    1200mm (BSI PAS 68), 1220mm (M50 P1), 1100mm (M50 P2)

    Foundation Depth

    150mm (BSI PAS 68), 203mm (ASTM)


    Galvanised as standard. Can be fitted with an aesthetic sleeve (323 mm) which can feature bands if required or painted to any specified RAL colour.

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    The Gladiator Shallow Mount Bollard is one of the strongest in today’s hostile vehicle mitigation industry, easily stopping a 7,500kg vehicle at 80kph (50mph).

    • With its shallow mount design, the Gladiator can be installed within a foundation depth of just 150mm for the PAS 68 tested system and 203mm for the ASTM tested system.
    • This allows it to be installed in sites where more traditional fixed bollards can’t, such as urban areas with dense networks of underground services.
    • The Gladiator is designed for hostile vehicle mitigation and in particular to protect against potential high-velocity attacks.
    • It has been tested to both the British BSI PAS 68 specification and the American ASTM F2656 / F2656M standard.
    • There are two variations of the ASTM-rated system, one with an M50 P1 rating and the other with an M50 P2 rating.
    • The Gladiator uses our unique shallow mount technology which minimises the time and disruption needed to install the bollards.
    • This technology gives incredible flexibility in where the bollards can be installed as the shallow foundation base units can be supplied in a multitude of shapes allowing the bollards to fit around corners or existing street furniture such as benches.
    • To make installation even more straightforward, the base plates are laser cut with directional arrows and part numbers which can be cross-referenced to site layout drawings.
    • The Gladiator comes hot-dip galvanised as standard to give it added protection against corrosion, as when it comes to security the longevity of the solution is vital.
    • It can then be finished with a polyester coating in any specified RAL colour. Alternatively, we can supply it with an aesthetic sleeve (323mm) for sites needing a specific look.


    The Gladiator Shallow Mount Bollard is available in three different variations:

    • The PAS 68 tested model has a foundation depth of 150mm and height of 1200mm
    • The ASTM M50 P1 tested model has a foundation depth of 203mm and a height of 1220mm
    • The ASTM M50 P2 tested model has a foundation depth of 203mm and a height of 1100mm

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