HVM & Anti-Terror Physical Security

The Role of Access Control in Perimeter Security Schemes: Strategies and Technologies

This guide covers the considerations that those responsible for security must consider while planning a project – and the full range of access control solutions available to enable secure perimeter access.

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An access control system keeping a vehicle outside of a perimeter.

Specifying Security Barriers, Blockers, and Bollards for Public Spaces

We delve into the critical considerations involved in specifying security barriers, blockers, and bollards for public spaces.

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Specifying security for public spaces

Balancing Physical Security and Aesthetics

Modern public space planning needs to include protection against hostile vehicle attacks to ensure pedestrian security – but how can this be achieved alongside making attractive public spaces?

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AI in Physical Security

Exploring the pros and cons of implementing AI in physical security applications and examines what the future might hold.

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ISO 22343: The Latest Certification Standard for Physical Security

As of September 2023, with the publication of ISO 22343 by the British Standards Institution (BSI), both IWA 14 and PAS 68 were replaced. Here’s what it means for HVM testing and certification.

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ISO 22343

Download: Physical Security Standards E-Book (updated to include ISO 22343)

This guide has been written by our physical security experts to help you get a better understanding of the various security standards (including ISO 22343) and specifications that you will commonly come across.

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