Security in Depth

Specifying Security Barriers, Blockers, and Bollards for Public Spaces

We delve into the critical considerations involved in specifying security barriers, blockers, and bollards for public spaces.

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Specifying security for public spaces

AI in Physical Security

Exploring the pros and cons of implementing AI in physical security applications and examines what the future might hold.

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Security in Depth: The Fundamentals of Physical and Cybersecurity Convergence

Exploring the integration of physical and cyber security measures, and its role in addressing the growing threat of hostile vehicle attacks originating in the digital realm.

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physical and cybersecurity convergence

Security In Depth: Vehicle Dynamic Assessments. Are They Worth the Investment?

Vehicle Dynamic Assessments are essential – so why do some organisations choose to forego them? We explore the importance and value of VDAs.

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A busy street with crowds of pedestrians

Security In Depth: How to Respond to the Vehicle as a Weapon Threat Using Temporary Security Schemes

Improve your VAW response with this best-practise guide to securing against Vehicle as a Weapon threats with temporary security solutions.

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A crowd at an outdoor concert

The New Balance: Security Design in the Middle East

This year’s history-making World Cup has all eyes fixed on the Middle East – specifically, the gulf peninsula nation of Qatar. Although not without controversy, there’s little doubt that the 2022 FIFA World Cup is inspired. …

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