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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    PAS 68: 30,000(N3)/80/90:3.30/25

    Minimum Array




    Height Above Ground


    Foundation Depth



    External HPU


    Galvanised as standard with two yellow reflective bands. For any alternative finishes, please discuss with our technical team on application for a quotation.

    Emergency Fast Operation (EFO)


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    The SP1200 Automatic Bollard is the world’s strongest rising bollard and the first security bollard to be impact tested with a 30,000 kg truck at 50 mph.


    • Often specified in the most security-critical applications, the SP1200 Automatic Bollard offers unbeatable protection to any site worldwide.
    • It is the only automatic bollard to have been tested to the British PAS 68 standard with a 30,000 kg truck at 80 kph (50mph). The single SP1200 Automatic Bollard remained intact after impact testing and would not have allowed a second vehicle to pass.
    • The SP1200 is designed to be serviceable quickly by one man, this is critical in maintaining the high level of security required when opting for this product.
    • Often security bollard arrays are used to better effect than single systems such as road blockers and security gates. They are fast in operation and if one product has a fault occurrence, an entrance remains secure despite the product redundancy. If a blocker or a gate goes into fault then a whole entrance is left unsecured and at risk.
    • The SP1200 Automatic Bollard meets the BSI PAS 68 impact test rating V/30,000(N3)80/90:3.30/25 and has been designed to protect critical infrastructure requiring extreme protection against the highest velocity attack.
    • This rising bollard range is engineered to offer the highest site protection required whilst still creating pedestrian and vehicle permeability.
    • The SP1200 Automatic Bollards comes in a galvanised finish as standard with two yellow reflective bands. For alternative finishes, please contact our technical team.

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    Enquire about this product

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