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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    PAS 68: V/7500(N2)/48/90:0/0

    Security Rating

    PAS 68: V/7500(N2)/64/90:2.3/2.7

    Minimum Array



    External HPU

    Foundation Depth


    Height Above Ground



    240mm (lid), 209mm (core)


    Sheradised black finish as standard, with or without two machine bands (client preference). Options include an aesthetic sleeve (219mm diameter) or direct LED (RGBW) lights. Product can be vinyl wrapped with a bespoke design or advertising copy.

    Emergency Fast Operation (EFO)


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    The SP400 Automatic Bollard provides impact-tested protection for any site or infrastructure requiring restricted access for vehicle entry points.

    • Our hydraulic security bollards offer outstanding security and aesthetics. Impact tested to PAS 68 standards, the SP400 Automatic Bollard is capable of stopping a 7,500 kg vehicle travelling at both 64 kph (40 mph) and 48 kph (30 mph). At 30mph the SP400 achieved zero penetration, making it an ideal option for protecting critical infrastructure.
    • This high-security hydraulic bollard can be integrated with any existing control system or supplied with an ATG Access sophisticated control system offering almost infinite flexibility of control over the security bollard.
    • The SP400 Automatic Bollard is powered by a high-quality hydraulic system which is modular in design so that you can specify the duty cycle and operating characteristics.
    • The SP400 comes in a sherardised black finish as standard with the option of two machine bands depending on your preference. We can also fit the bollard with an aesthetic sleeve (219mm diameter), or supply it with LED lights (RGBW) for added visibility.
    • Many different operations are available within the SP400 Automatic Bollard range. This enables a holistic high-security solution to be offered to clients.
    • The visual appeal of the SP400 is excellent due to the high-security bollard’s slim profile allowing for a variety of aesthetic sleeves to be fitted over the high-security core.
    • Also available as a shallow mount bollard with a civil installation depth of only 176 mm, a manually retractable bollard, and a removable bollard.
    • This product range offers an answer to a vast range of high-security requirements offering excellent pedestrian and vehicle permeability, great aesthetics and PAS 68-rated protection.

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