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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    BSI PAS 68: 2010 V/7500/80/90:4.0/33.5

    Security Rating

    ASTM: F2656-07 M50/P2

    Minimum Array




    Height Above Ground


    Foundation Depth

    1,682 mm (PAS 68) | 1,940 mm (ASTM)


    Galvanised finish only.


    External HPU

    Emergency Fast Operation (EFO)


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    The Titan MK II Automatic bollard is a cost-effective impact tested system, that has secured sites around the world.


    • The Titan MK II Automatic Bollard has been designed for high security and tested by ATG Access to the BSI PAS 68 and ASTM standard, achieving an M50 P2 rating. The Titan is available in a variety of operating sets and arrays, making it an economical and effective way of protecting your key access points.
    • The bollard can be operated as standard with an external hydraulic pump system or is also available as a manually operable standalone unit, for sites where power may be an issue.
    • All parts are galvanised as standard for corrosion protection, ensuring the long-term reliability of the bollard.
    • The bollard comes galvanised and painted as standard. It can also be fitted with an aesthetic sleeve (323mm diameter). Direct LED (RGBW) lights are also available for the painted or galvanised variant.
    • The hydraulically operated automatic system offers outstanding protection.
    • Its design allows it to maintain pedestrian permeability and allows authorised vehicle access when needed.
    • ATG Access hydraulic security bollards are designed to cope with a high number of operations per hour, making the Titan MK II ideal for sites with high traffic flow.
    • The Titan’s versatility means that the bollard can be part of a large secure access control scheme or operated as a standalone system. This bollard is supplied with a PLC control system as standard which can be set up to meet whatever operational requirements you may have.

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    Enquire about this product

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