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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    BSI PAS 68 (2013): V/7500(N3)/64/90:0/5.3

    Minimum Array


    Foundation Depth


    Height Above Ground



    260mm (front face) x 125mm (profile)


    Supplied in raw, cast Manganese Steel. There is space on the front face of the bollard to attach a crest or moulding if relevant. On request the product can be primed and painted.

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    The Westminster Bollard is elegant and unyielding. Primarily designed for Westminster City Council this product would suit any architectural situation where style and high security is a priority.


    • Manufactured from micro-engineered steel, the Westminster Bollard has high impact toughness and the ability to absorb massive amounts of energy without fracturing.
    • BSI PAS 68 (2013) rated, this iconic heritage style fixed security bollard is capable of stopping a 7,500kg vehicle travelling at 64kph (40mph).
    • Instantly recognisable you will mainly find these iconic heritage-style bollards within the Westminster area, however, you can also find these incredibly strong bollards as far afield as Melbourne, Australia.
    • ATG Access is the only bollard company that manufactures the impact rated Westminster Bollard, available in lift-out, shallow foundation, and traditional foundation fixed models.
    • With a ribbed profile and peaked top, within the front of the bollard, there is a specifically designed section to enable a corporate logo or crest to be inserted.
    • Made from manganese steel, and supplied raw (unpainted) as standard with a blank front fascia, the high-security bollard can be primed on request and fitted with a corporate logo or crest of your choice.
    • Installed within a foundation depth of 750mm, the Westminster fixed bollard is ideal for applications where foundation depth is not an issue and where no restrictions apply.
    • The foundation for this model is a concrete and rebar structure with 1.2 spacings needing to be adhered to comply with PAS 68.

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    Enquire about this product

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