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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    IWA 14-1: 2013 V/7200[N2A]/80/90:2.4 (Single Bollard)

    Security Rating

    BSI PAS 68: 2013 V/7500(N2)/80/90:0.795/10.4 (Dual Bollard)

    Minimum Array

    1 (single bollard), 2 (dual bollard)



    Height Above Ground

    996 mm

    Foundation Depth



    Zinc coated, black finish as standard with two yellow reflective bands. Option to fit with an aesthetic sleeve (240 mm diameter). Product can be vinyl wrapped with a bespoke design or advertising copy.

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    A manually retractable variant of the stealth automatic bollard for operation without power. Designed to be installed as a completely new product or to be retrofitted into existing foundation systems.


    • The ATG Access Stealth Bollard was the first British product to be officially tested at MIRA under the IWA 14-1 international impact test standard.
    • The Stealth bollard can be installed as an entirely new installation or, can be retrofitted into an existing, impact-tested bollard foundation.
    • The manually retractable variant is operated through the simple use of a hand-held battery drill or a manual hand crank. The drill drives a small, hydraulic pump which raises and lowers the product.
    • This enables the Stealth Manually Retractable Bollard to secure applications without access to power or entrances which are not utilised very often, saving on hydraulics and control systems associated with a fully automated system.
    • Tested twice as a single and double bollard configuration, both tests used a 7,200 kg N2a type vehicle travelling at 80 kph (50 mph). Both impact tests produced fantastic results with the bollards being fully operational after impact.
    • The bollard is supplied in a zinc coated black finish as standard with two yellow reflective bands. The product can also be vinyl wrapped with a bespoke design.
    • As with all our systems the Stealth Bollard has been designed with reliability and serviceability in mind.

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    Enquire about this product

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