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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    Engineered to 7,500 kg at 80 kph (50 mph)

    Minimum Array


    Foundation Depth

    150mm (plate) / 450mm (socket)

    Height Above Ground



    240mm (base), 157mm x 155mm (top)


    Manganese steel, supplied primed black

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    Born from our experience designing and testing security products, the City of London Removable Bollard has been engineered to match the security rating of the shallow mount model, which can stop a 7,500kg vehicle at 80kph (50mph).

    • The City of London Bollard has the integral good looks and heritage appearance that has become instantly recognisable throughout London’s square mile. ATG Access has taken this traditional design and engineered a high-security version to protect areas at risk of high-velocity attacks.
    • Only ATG Access has the manufacturing rights to the high-security versions of the City of London Bollard.
    • The bollard is cast with manganese steel, giving it high impact strength and abrasion resistance, making it an ideal choice for perimeter protection.
    • The bollard comes finished in the distinctive red, white and black that can be seen throughout London.
    • Using lifting equipment, the City of London Removable Bollard can be easily detached to allow occasional access, making it ideal as a complementary product to a line of static bollards.
    • The foundation structure of the removable bollard consists of a 150mm base plate and an additional 450mm for the socket that holds the bollard.
    • Compared to a traditional depth fixed bollard, the City of London takes up far less depth, meaning that it can be installed in areas where excavation is restricted.
    • This also means that installing the bollard is far quicker and causes less disruption to the site and surrounding areas while also saving on costs.

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    Enquire about this product

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