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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    IWA 14-1: 2013 V/7200[N2A]/80/90:0.7

    Minimum Array




    Height Above Ground


    Foundation Depth



    Concrete filled bollard finished in either a galvanised or a painted finish. Can be painted to any specified RAL colour.

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    The SPK12R Removable Bollard is a fully certified solution having been successfully impact tested in accordance with IWA 14. The bollard stopped a 7,200 kg vehicle travelling at 80 kph, achieving less than a metre of penetration.


    • Providing a cost-effective solution for sites requiring protection against a high-velocity attack, the SPK12R Removable Bollard is suitable for critical infrastructure protection where stand-off distances between a building’s perimeter and the building itself are minimal.
    • Due to the bollard’s foundation depth (1,200 mm), this high-security bollard suits remote locations such as oil fields, airfields or military bases.
    • Installing a removable bollard allows access to a site without having to excavate the ground and remove a permanent bollard.
    • The removable bollard itself is made of a steel sleeve filled with concrete and capped with grout wash formed with a steel template. Sitting within a permanent socket, the bollard requires lifting equipment when removing it.
    • With an IWA 14 impact test rating, the SPK12R is an ideal option for securing critical sites from high-velocity attacks.
    • The SPK12R Removable Bollard is available in a variety of finishes.
    • The bollard comes galvanised to protect against corrosion and then can be supplied to any RAL colour specified, allowing the bollard to match the site aesthetics.

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    Enquire about this product

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