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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    IWA 14-1: 2013 V/7,200[N2A]/80/90:6.0

    Span Width

    4,000 - 12,000mm (12,000mm tested width)


    12ft (3,658mm) / 20ft (6,096mm) / 24ft (7,315mm)

    Gate Post Height

    1,100 mm – Locking Post Height | 1,550mm – Hinge Post Height

    Gate Height

    1,035 mm

    Foundation Depth

    1,500 mm


    The gate frame is manufactured in aluminium. All steel parts are hot-dip galvanised as standard to BS EN ISO 1461. The gate finish is supplied in a RAL, powder-coated finish, black as standard. Can be painted to alternative RAL specifications if required.

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    Simple and lightweight in operation, this swing gate is the perfect product to secure large entrance widths into critical national infrastructure or crowded spaces.

    Manually Operated

    • Elegant in design, the gate is smooth and light in operation and is locked with a simple pin mechanism.
    • The gate is manufactured in aluminium ensuring that it is lightweight, the stopping power being provided by high-technology, synthetic fibres.
    • Supplied as standard with a gate catch post to lock the product into the ‘open’ position, always ensuring safety in operation.

    First to Industry

    • The ATG Access Vulcan Long-Span Gate is the only manual swing gate with a 12-metre clear opening to be successfully tested to withstand a 7,200kg vehicle travelling at 80kph.
    • Tested to the international impact test standard – IWA 14-1.

    Removable Foundation Design

    • The gate catch and hinge posts are steel and hot dip galvanised as standard to BS EN ISO 1461. They are secured within removable sockets facilitating easy removal of the gate should this be required.
    • This provides flexibility for venues/councils allowing installation to be permanent, or for the gate and posts to be placed in storage and deployed when necessary.
    • Alternative finishes are available, including powder coating to a specified RAL colour. The gate arm may also be fitted with signage or advertising panels as required.
    • A truly unique and industry first solution to secure wide entrances or road spans against high velocity, vehicular attacks.

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    Enquire about this product

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