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    Technical Specifications

    Security Rating

    BSI PAS 68: 2007 V/7500 80/0/10.0

    Security Rating

    ASTM: F2656-07: M50 P1

    Minimum Array



    305 mm (standard), 323 mm (sleeved)

    Foundation Depth

    1,933 mm (PAS 68) | 2,000 mm (ASTM)

    Height Above Ground



    Galvanised as standard with two yellow reflective bands. Can be fitted with either a black or stainless-steel aesthetic sleeve.


    External HPU

    Emergency Fast Operation (EFO)


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    The SP1000 Automatic Bollard is hydraulically operated and capable of a high number of operations per hour. Able to be integrated with additional and existing security measures, this high-security rising bollard can protect against high-velocity attacks.


    • The SP1000 range of bollards sits at the very top of the ATG Access high-security product portfolio.
    • The first of our high-security bollards to be impact tested as part of the BSI PAS 68 testing program, the SP1000 Automatic Bollard also complies with the ASTM standard, achieving a P1 rating.
    • First hit at 48 kph (30mph) by a fully laden 7,500kg truck, then at 80kph (50mph) with a fully laden 7,500kg truck and, on each occasion, the SP1000 performed a complete dead stop of the vehicle.
    • With an external HPU, the SP1000 Automatic Bollard is able to cope with a high number of operations per hour, making a great choice for sites with high traffic flow. The automatic bollard can raise and lower in just 5-6 seconds.
    • The control board provided as standard is a PLC control system which we can set up to meet whatever operational requirements you may have.
    • This bollard is ideal for sites under the threat of high-velocity attacks where there is a limited stand-off distance between the perimeter and the protected infrastructure.
    • The bollard comes supplied as standard in a galvanised finish with two reflective bands.
    • Alternatively, the SP1000 Automatic Bollard can be fitted with a black or stainless steel aesthetic sleeve (350mm diameter).
    • ATG Access has a wide variety of sleeve designs available and can accommodate bespoke designs if required.
    • Applications this bollard will protect include government infrastructure, airports, stadia, prestigious sites, crown estates and railway sites.

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