Five Ways to Protect Against Keyless Car Theft

A mercedes luxury car parked on a driveway


02 Dec, 2022

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    A mercedes luxury car parked on a driveway


    02 Dec, 2022

    Relay theft is on the rise, with keyless cars being twice as likely to be stolen than other models in 2022. Read on for our tips on how you can protect against keyless car theft.


    1. Park in an area with good lighting

    When it comes to car theft, one of the most important factors to consider is how to prevent opportunistic criminals. Ensuring your car is parked in an area with good lighting is a simple yet often overlooked method of securing a car. Parking your car where it can be clearly seen can act as a strong deterrent as opportunistic thieves are less likely to stand in plain sight while they commit a crime. But for more determined thieves, you need stronger options.


     2. Keep valuables out of sight

    Another way to ensure your car is secured from crimes of opportunity is to keep anything of value out of sight – or ideally, not in your vehicle at all! By leaving your valuable belongings on display, you might be encouraging thieves to smash a window to grab a laptop or bag – only to find themselves taking the car as well.

    Whatever method of protection you use for securing your car, making sure you haven’t left anything on show is a good way to deter thieves.


     3. Use a faraday wallet to prevent relay theft

    A faraday wallet or blocking pouch is a metal lined container which stops the signal a key can send to your car, allowing it to unlock. With many car thieves investing in the technology to specifically target keyless cars, a faraday box is a simple way to stop criminals from executing a clean break-in.

    According to a recent AA drivers’ poll, most keyless entry car owners aren’t using one of these pouches to protect their key fobs.

    However, while a faraday box is one of the best ways to protect against relay theft, it won’t protect your car from traditional car theft. It’s best to use a faraday box in conjunction with the other tips mentioned.


     4. Install a steering wheel lock in your car

    A steering wheel lock is a tried-and-true method of keeping your car safe from theft, physically preventing the car from steering. If a would-be thief sees that you’ve installed a steering wheel lock in your car, they might simply walk on to the next target. But, while it’s hard to break a wheel lock, it’s surprisingly easy to cut through a steering wheel rendering the lock useless.

    And of course, if you’ve parked in the road or have any of your valuables out in the open, there’s nothing to stop a thief from breaking the window to snatch what they can.


     5. Invest in high-quality residential bollards

    Installing high-quality residential bollards on your driveway is the best option to prevent relay theft. As clearly visible – yet unobtrusive – barriers, bollards help secure your car from opportunistic car thieves while physically preventing more determined criminals from taking your pride and joy from your driveway. High-quality, insurance-rated bollards offer a layer of deterrent and protection against thieves, whether relay theft or traditional methods.

    Bollards come in a range of shapes and sizes, with different models offering different aesthetics and features, from removable bollards to telescopic and even automatic options. With a high-quality residential bollard installed behind your car, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that you’ve done everything that you can to keep your car safe.