Download: Physical Security Standards E-Book (updated to include ISO 22343)


22 Feb, 2024

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    22 Feb, 2024

    The Physical Security Standards E-Book (now including ISO 22343)

    With the release of ISO 22343 in September 2023, the experts here at ATG Access have updated our popular ‘Guide to Physical Security Standards eBook’ to include details on the new standard. The latest edition of the guide explains the differences between the old and current standards and goes through an example test result step-by-step to help you understand the new standard. Download your copy here.

    Our Background In Security

    ATG Access is one of the UK’s leading security engineering companies, providing physical security solutions for sites around the world. From permanent to temporary, ATG Access has one of the widest ranges of physical security solutions, with the cutting edge in bollards, road blockers and barriers.

    Security Standards Covered In The Guide

    • ISO 22343 – As of September 2023, ISO 22343 is the current standard which defines the methodology by which vehicle security barriers, including bollards, barriers and road blockers are performance tested against vehicle impact. This replaces both PAS 68 & IWA 14-1.
    • PAS 68 – PAS 68 is a British, ‘Publicly Available Specification’ (PAS) for impact testing and rating hostile vehicle mitigation products such as bollards, blockers and barriers used for security and counter-terrorism purposes.
    • IWA 14-1 – International crash test standard for testing vehicle security barriers.
    • PAS 170 – Low-speed impact testing utilising a trolley system as a test method for bollards.
    • LPS 1175 – Standard for testing the resistance of wide a range of physical security products against unauthorised access.

    Why Security Standards Are Important

    When it comes to protecting sites, assets and public realm spaces, there is a wide range of threats posed by criminals and terrorists.

    When designing a security scheme to protect against these threats, we need to be sure of the performance of security equipment chosen for the task, which is why security standards exist. But what do they mean and how do they differ? The latest edition guide has been created to provide an overview of five of the major  security standards you are likely to encounter when choosing products and designing a security scheme, whether you are mitigating terrorists, intruders, or criminal attacks.

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