The Hidden Cost of Not Protecting Your Car

A criminal breaking into a car


16 Mar, 2023

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    A criminal breaking into a car


    16 Mar, 2023

    So you’ve just bought a new car. You’ve checked all the paperwork and you’ve trawled the comparison sites to get a great deal on your insurance. But is getting decent insurance all you plan on doing to keep your new pride and joy safe?

    A new car is likely to be the second or third most significant purchase most of us make in our lives, but the effort we go to to protect our vehicles suggests that car purchases are not so significant after all.

    We’re used to the idea that vehicles are fitted with alarms and immobilisers, and maybe even have built-in tracking systems, and tend to think that will be enough. But car thieves are constantly looking for ways to outsmart these systems and you’d better believe they know what they’re doing.

    It’s also worth noting that expensive, luxury cars are not the only vehicles on thieves’ hit list. In 2022, according to official figures released by DVLA, high-end models and regular daily drivers were equally likely to be targeted – as the top ten list reveals…

    Top 10 most stolen cars in 2022

    1. Ford Fiesta
    2. Range Rover
    3. Ford Focus
    4. VW Golf
    5. Land Rover Discovery
    6. BMW 3 Series
    7. Mercedes C Class
    8. Vauxhall Corsa
    9. Vauxhall Astra
    10. Mercedes E Class

    Experts believe the rise in lower value, less ‘desirable’ vehicle thefts is due to a lack of parts from manufacturers. Unscrupulous crooks with an eye for an opportunity now steal cars to order for ‘chop-shops’ where your Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Astra is butchered for parts to be used to repair other vehicles.

    So, with more reasons than ever before to think about additional protection, what can you do? Of course, a good insurance policy is critical. But even with insurance, the theft of a vehicle has hidden costs.

    For example, Range Rovers are now such a target in London that drivers are struggling to find affordable cover or a policy that will reimburse an agreed market value of a vehicle. Some providers will offer only cover up to 75% if a vehicle is stolen.

    The cost of insurance is very likely to go up after a claim for vehicle theft and you could also see any No Claims Bonus that’s built up over the years wiped out.

    But taking the financial aspect out of the equation, a stolen car can lead to a lot of unnecessary hassle and psychological trauma. A study found that car theft – even one that doesn’t involve breaking and entering to steal keys – can lead to increased stress, long-term anxiety, sleep deprivation and even feelings of guilt.

    Making sure that you have additional protection in place to mitigate the risk of your car being stolen is therefore a small additional cost, but one with huge potential benefits.

    Residential driveway bollards make your new car a much less accessible and attractive target and can deter any potential break-in to your home for thieves on the hunt for your car keys. For a fraction of the cost of your new car, you can buy considerable peace of mind.

    ATG Access offer security for your home with a range of residential driveway bollards to meet both your aesthetic and practical needs. Our range of telescopic and removable bollards provides ample scope for protection and deterrent, all while keeping your home free from the imposing figure that a security gate might have in front of your house.

    All of our bollards are designed to be tamper-proof and are manufactured with a specified thickness of steel wall to make for additional security. And whatever type you choose, a secure locking mechanism helps ensure your car stays where it belongs – on your driveway.

    A bollard can do a great deal to keep not only your car safe, but your house safe from a break-in too. According to the Metropolitan Police, cars are primarily targeted in advance. A visible security bollard can make your home a less attractive option for thieves, making sure that breaking into your home would be harder than one further down the road.

    Spending a little extra after the expense of a new car to make sure that you get to enjoy your investment seems like a no-brainer. ATG Access offers sold secure insurance-approved bollards to ensure that your investment is protected as best it can possibly be, without having to break the bank.

    Get in touch with our team to find out more about our range of residential driveway bollards and to help you sleep soundly in the knowledge that your car is safe.