Protecting Multifunctional Cities: Whitepaper

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    City and town centres are no longer single-use areas that rely almost solely on retail to drive footfall.
    In this white paper, we take a look at how these multifunctional cities can be protected.

    What are the key challenges that our cities need to overcome?

    In recent years, the “traditional” high street has undergone something of a revolution, with many areas across the country being transformed into bustling multi-functional spaces to help future-proof their existence.

    The public is becoming much more aware of the potential threats they may be subject to, particularly when attending high profile events or tourist attractions.

    This heightened awareness, coupled with the increased risk of sporadic attacks occurring, means that serious consideration must now be given to protecting crowded places, as well as securing assets and critical national infrastructure.


    What’s in the white paper?

    In this whitepaper, you will learn:

    • How multifunctional cities have grown over the last few years.
    • What the main benefits of multifunctional cities are.
    • What concerns remain around multifunctional cities.
    • How more robust security can be implemented.
    • The importance of visible security.