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Technical Specifications

Security Rating

Engineered to withstand a 7,500 kg vehicle travelling at 80kph (50mph)

Minimum Array


Foundation Depth

Minimum of 500mm of bollard into foundation. Overall core length - 1,650mm.

Height Above Ground





Component parts supplied galvanised as standard. The core is sleeved as standard with a stainless steel sleeve (323mm diameter). Bespoke sleeves can be designed and supplied after consultation with our technical team.

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The SP1000 Fixed Bollard provides a cost-effective solution for perimeter security requirements and meets the security rating for most perimeter security projects.


  • The ATG Access SP1000 is a fixed high-security bollard which is offered as an engineered solution to complement our SP1000 automatic bollard which has been successfully impact-tested to 80 kph (50 mph) using a 7,500 kg vehicle.
  • The SP1000 is supplied with all component parts galvanised and then fitted with an aesthetic sleeve. Bespoke sleeves can be designed if required after consultation with our technical team.
  • This product must be installed within an approved, reinforced concrete foundation and at the required 1.2 m spacing.
  • ATG Access has a variety of complimentary automatic, lift-out, or manually retractable products for additional vehicle access requirements to provide a holistic perimeter security offering.
  • For sites requiring perimeter protection with limited excavation depth available, ATG Access’s range of shallow foundation fixed bollards may be more suitable.

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