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    In 1950, just over a quarter (29%) of the population lived in cities and urban areas; a number which has risen to 55% today.
    By 2050 – just a century after these early figures – it is expected that more than two-thirds (68%) of the world’s population will live in cities; an additional 2.5 billion people.

    How can we make the smart city dream a reality?

    The progressive urbanisation of our society has brought with it a number of challenges, including overcrowding, congestion and increased security risks; both cyber and physical.

    With smart technology advancing rapidly, the possibilities for today’s cities are endless, but how do we cement the reality of the ‘smart city’ concept in the UK?

    In this white paper, we focus on how a city’s physical infrastructure can work effectively alongside an intelligent network of connected objects and technology.


    What’s in the whitepaper?

    In this whitepaper, you will learn:

    • How smart cities are perceived by the public and whether there is a demand for them.
    • How smart city solutions can help solve challenges surrounding traffic control, safety and security.
    • How Singapore has become a leading example of smart city success.
    • What is needed to overcome industry scepticism and barriers to uptake in the UK.