The Future of Urban Design: Whitepaper

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    As of September 2020, the world population now stands at a staggering 7.8 billion.
    We spoke to 250 architects and urban planners to find out about the biggest design challenges they believe face our cities.

    What are the key challenges that our cities need to overcome?

    Urban design is facing a cocktail of conflicting pressures and cultural shifts which need to be addressed to ensure our cities are fit for the future.

    How do you address safety concerns, evolving terrorism threats, sustainability pressures and a growing population whilst still making an area aesthetically pleasing, inviting to tourism and community-focused?

    Within this white paper, we explore some complex global trends and find out what 250 architects and urban planners thought about the most pressing challenges facing urban designers today.


    What’s in the white paper?

    In this whitepaper, you will learn:

    • How and why security threats have shifted over the years.
    • The role urban design can play in minimising new and emerging dangers.
    • What barriers are currently preventing cities from changing to meet evolving security needs.
    • The concerns and perceptions of design professionals themselves regarding physical security measures.
    • How these barriers and concerns can be addressed, to ensure cities and citizens are adequately protected against future threats.